[h4]About Weston[/h4]


Newton-Discussion  I am a native of South Carolina and have called the LowCountry home since 1995. My greatest joys are spending time with my wife and our three children. After more than a decade of public service as Chairman of Beaufort County Council, I am privileged to take your voice to the State House. My goal is to strengthen our local delegation and to build consensus for making positive, sustainable changes at the state level for the next generation of South Carolinians.



[h4]Weston’s Mission Statement[/h4]

In keeping with our rich Low-country tradition of innovative practicality, we must actively approach our challenges, be they educational, economic, environmental, or quality of life. We must seek solutions that:

    • Are creative, ethical, and knowledge-based (no more magical thinking)SHM_0735


    • Accomplish the best results for our residents


    • Utilize the strengths of our state delegation, as well as tap the deep well of experience and expertise found in our local communities


    • Are crafted in the sunshine of full and voluntary transparency


  • Involve the smallest government footprint necessary for success



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