Inside view of house chambers

As I made the transition from being your Beaufort County Council
Chairman to my current position as the newest member of the
Beaufort/Jasper Delegation to the statehouse, my holiday agenda was
dramatically changed from years past. Usually this time of the season
was taken up with Christmas tree lightings and year-end meetings.
Instead, the freshman orientation process has been going full bore since

The volume of information we are expected to master is somewhat
akin to drinking from a fire hose. Fortunately, my friends Bill
Herbkersman, Andy Patrick, and Shannon Erickson were there to facilitate
my transition to the House. I have worked with these good folks for
years, enjoying mutual respect and long-standing friendships, which has
proven to be extraordinarily helpful. Being the new guy is never easy,
but the fellowship of our common mission is extremely positive.

During the organizational session, we elected (or re-elected)
the Speaker, elected the Majority Leader, selected House floor seat
assignments, and learned our committee assignments. As has been
reported, I have been assigned to Judiciary Committee. As you might
expect, I am tremendously honored by the Speaker”s confidence in me.
Obviously, with the necessity of retooling the electoral system after
our recent Netti kasino tuo joustavuuden sinne missa sita ei voi vastustaa. problems, as well as the welcome push for a more effective
ethics regime, I am anxious to get to work. With hard-won experience in
both these areas, I hope to contribute to the conversation.

In something of an interesting aside, our floor desk assignments
for the entire House delegation are clustered together, making our
communication, especially in fast developing situations, more direct and

Finally, my Columbia office is Suite 320 in the Blatt Building.
My Columbia number is (803) 212-6942 and my House email is Additionally, I can be reached at (843)
505-0481 and Also, our web site is currently
undergoing a thorough renovation to provide another venue for good
communication. Upon completion, the web site will interface with our
Facebook page as well as our Twitter account.

You elected me to be your voice in Columbia, a charge I take very
seriously. For me to effectively represent District 120, I must hear
from you on the matters of the state, large and small. You will hear
from me, as well. Please look for me in The Bluffton Sun each month.
When we are in session, I invite you to visit with us in the statehouse.
When I learn where everything is, I”ll give you a tour.
In closing, thank you for the privilege of serving you in the General
Assembly. Rose and I wish you a wonderful and
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a productive New Year.

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